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Sarah and Chip's Crosses on 350 South, Lafayette, Indiana

Dedicated to reducing the number of drunk driving fatalities and injuries in the memory of Sarah Towery and Chip Smith who were killed by a repeat drunk driver on March 21, 1999 in Lafayette, Indiana.  The "system" contributed to this tragedy, in that numerous government agencies and individuals enabled Jeffrey Trout to be on that road in that condition on that date.

The purpose of this initiative is to bring together various reform issues and ideas in order to contribute to reducing the number of alcohol and other drug-related highway deaths and injuries, especially by repeat offenders. There is no single solution in dealing with the issue, and the judicial system seems unable to put together a comprehensive approach to deal with the issue. The Drunken Driving Reform Initiative will provide practical, realistic solutions that when implemented will reduce the number of alcohol and drug-related deaths and injuries.

Sarah and Chip: their Personal Stories

Sarah - 24-year-old part-time student and
working full-time

Chip - 20 year old studying to become a paramedic while working full-time

Facts surrounding the March 21, 1999 crash and deaths of Sarah and Chip

Lafayette Journal and Courier newspaper articles and editorials relating to drunk driving

Senate committee OKs .08 bill

Proposed legislation

Sarah's father (Dan Towery) recounts tragedy

Drunk Driving Facts

Other related links

MADD Candlelight Vigil - December 7, 2000 - Lafayette, IN

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